woven basket | natural
woven basket | natural
woven basket | natural
woven basket | natural
woven basket | natural
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woven basket | natural

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Our go-to basket that doubles as the perfect Easter basket, too! 100% natural seagrass woven baskets - light, thin, and flexible but made to last a long time under heavy use unlike cheaper alternatives. Sona Home's decorative baskets have a raw look and feel that is warm and inviting.

These baskets are masterfully woven by hand by the best artisans around, each premium-quality belly basket in their collection sports a tighter and thicker weave than cheaply made alternatives, making them significantly more durable while still maintaining their lightness and flexibility. They’re also made with seagrass, a natural material that’s not only sustainably grown, but easy to harvest as well. This makes their baskets a truly eco-friendly storage solution.

Don’t fret if some fibers of your basket have a light green tinge. This is natural for seagrass and only indicates younger fibers that will slowly darken to a beautiful khaki over time. And since they’re not designed to be rigid enough to be freestanding, they may temporarily get bent out of shape during shipping. Worry not, though, because they’ll bounce right back to their original form once you start filling them up.

The foldable baskets make a perfect gift for plant lovers, new homeowners, or anyone looking to reorganize!

  • Perfectly adapts to your room’s decor and works well in the living room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or wherever you can find space!
  • Impressive beauty and versatility - use it for storing shoes, blankets, towels, toys, magazines, supplies or anything else you can think of! Also, a perfect plant holder.

Sizes may vary slightly due to the handmade nature of the item.

Add a touch of natural elegance to your home with the SONA HOME Natural Seagrass Belly Basket!!

Opening diameter: approximately 5-7in
Largest diameter: approximately 9-10in
Height: approximately 11 in

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