Vibe Organics is a line of intentionally crafted plant based cleaning and holistic home products. It was created by Denise Vaughn, wife and mother to Lukas (4) and Kate (2). After Lukas was born, Denise became relentless to get rid of chemicals and toxins in her household.  Her passion grew as her mommy friends and clients began to inquire about the natural products she was creating and were loving the products that she was sharing with them.   
Her line started with an All Purpose Cleaner, Hardwood Floor Cleaner, Glass & Mirror Cleaner and “Mommy, Can I Help?” Kids All Purpose Cleaner.  Within a few months, Vibe Organics was being distributed to homes in Nashville and shipped around the country.  Her line has recently grown to include Vibe Organics Personal + Room + Energy Clearing Sprays, Wool Dryer Ball Sprays, and Bug Repellent.
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