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herbal "tea" blends | spiced hibiscus cider
High Garden Tea

herbal "tea" blends | spiced hibiscus cider

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From the maker: 

Let Mother Nature support your little one’s immune system when they’re feeling under the weather.

When your little one is sick, there is nothing worse than feeling powerless in helping them feel all better. Though we can’t promise anything, I can tell you that this is the brew that I always make my son when he is under the weather. It’s filled with child “safe” antiviral, antibacterial, immune supportive and respiratory system supportive herbs. You can make this and know that you are giving them something to support their little bodies in battling this bug.

It can be drank warm with a little honey (best), but it can also be drank cold or made into popsicles. It can be mixed with juice, and I’ve even made it into jello! (replace the water with this tea). Whatever it takes to help your little one get these supportive herbs into their system.

You’ve got this, hang in there, and here is some extra support in getting that little one back up and running around wild as ever.


caffeine free
*certified organic

[These teas are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any illness, disease or condition, and have not been evaluated by the FDA.]

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