rosie thomas: parents are just people • fri, feb 23 at 7 pm (get tix here)
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January Moon is the very first line of contemporary, high-performance jewelry and teething accessories designed to be lived in. Founded in 2015 by Nashville jewelry designer, Jenny Luckett, January Moon was born when Luckett, a new mom, struggled to find beautiful jewelry that could stand up to the demands of her family’s active, adventurous lifestyle. She noticed a void in the market for kid-friendly, non-toxic accessories with grown-up, art-driven aesthetics and soon set out to create it. Applying knowledge gained in the workroom of jeweler, Judith Bright, Luckett sourced premium quality materials, designed silicone beads in custom shapes and colors, and put her components through rigorous safety testing to ensure a perfect balance of style and strength and substance.

A problem solver by nature, Luckett’s products focus on improving lives, providing real solutions to the challenges she faces daily as a mother, woman, and fashion-lover. She thrives not only in imagining and innovating upon her simple, intentional designs but in executing them flawlessly, using her components in unexpected, deeply purposeful ways. / @thejanuarymoon

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