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KAMPPINEN is a celebration of the strength and perseverance of the Finnish-American culture, interpreted through textiles using a combination of preserving historic tradition and modern expression, and constructed with sustainability, functionality, and ethics in mind.

Inspired by elements of nature, KAMPPINEN is committed to art + design for the home using sustainable materials, such as hemp and organic cotton, and plant-based and low-impact dyes. Dyeing by hand is a an artform that takes much time and patience – and a willingness to embrace what the dyes decide to give. It comes with the understanding that all hand-dyed pieces are one-of-a-kind and contain a bit of surface design variation in the cloth. This should be considered character, and it is what makes each piece unique.

All KAMPPINEN pieces are designed, sewn, and hand-painted or hand-dyed by seasoned fiber artist, Heidi Wiitanen. / @heikamppinen

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