i can do that too
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i can do that too

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The beloved hedgehog duo returns in a charming story about big ambitions and small victories.

It’s a busy day in the woods for Big and Little Hedgehog, who meet all kinds of animal friends, each of whom can do something special that Little Hedgehog wants to do. Ladybug climbs a tree and jumps off a branch; mole digs a hole; fish swim in the pond. Sometimes Little Hedgehog is successful and sometimes he learns that he’s just not up to the task. As they find their way home with the help of a turtle, an owl’s hoot sends Little Hedgehog off to sleep with one last cry of “I can do that too!”
Filled with Teckentrup’s signature, beautifully textured artwork, this gentle book helps kids understand that it’s okay to want to do things, and it’s okay if you’re not quite ready.

Prestel Publishing | Prestel Junior
8.88"W x 11.63"H x 0.34"D | Hardcover | 32 Pages
Age 3-7 years | Preschool - 2

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