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farm lullaby

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With lyrical text from Karen Jameson (Woodland Dreams) and lovely illustrations from Wednesday Kirwan (Eggs Are Everywhere), this bedtime book shows every animal on the farm tucked in tight, drifting off to sweet dreams tonight! 

Farm-a-bye lullaby
Field and barn melt into sky
Moonbeams shine on evening blush
Nighttime’s blanket settles. Hush.

From the largest horse to the smallest mouse, every animal on the farm has a sweet, sleepy bedtime ritual. Curl up like a soft lamb, snuggle like a warm chick, and settle in like a cozy calf, letting this soothing farm lullaby lull even restless little dreamers into a deep and peaceful sleep.

This dreamy bedtime book pairs gentle rhymes with charming illustrations of the sleeping rituals of favorite farm animals. A great gift for any occasion, this lovely animal lullaby makes the perfect addition to any nursery, bedroom, or cozy reading nook.

Format: Hardcover
Pages: 40
Size: 10 x 9 5/8 H
Age Range: 3 - 5 Years

"[E]xpressed in gentle rhyming couplets . . . [Farm Lullaby is] intended to lull the littlest human lambs and chicks into peaceful slumber. Young dreamers will appreciate the very colorful illustrations, evocative of mid-20th-century picture books . . . [C]uddly, endearing farm residents resemble winsome, beloved stuffed toys that small children might themselves snuggle under the covers with."
—Kirkus Reviews

"[A]ll is calm and orderly in 'Farm Lullaby,' a wonderfully soothing and retro-feeling picture book written by Karen Jameson. In cozy, gem-colored illustrations created by Wednesday Kirwan, farm animals and their babies settle down to sleep: the mare and her foal; the cow and her calf; the sow and her piglets: 'Oink-a-bye lullaby / Drowsy, dappled piglets lie / Sinking in, mud to skin / Oozy, snoozy, drifting in.' Rhyme and illustration combine to relaxing effect, making this just the sort of book to read at the tail-end of a long day."
—The Wall Street Journal

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