making things: finding use, meaning, and satisfaction in crafting everyday objects

making things: finding use, meaning, and satisfaction in crafting everyday objects

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Making Things is a thoughtful and practical guide to modern crafting, featuring more than 100 projects that breathe new life into everyday objects.
Full description:
Makers Rose Pearlman and Erin Boyle met in 2018 and immediately struck up a friendship, united by a reverence for everyday objects. Their approach towards craft reflects a shared commitment to sustainability and accessibility – as they write in Making Things’ introduction, “Craft can be exquisite and exacting, the result of formal training and years of practice, but it can also be experimental and messy and not quite perfect.”
Scouring sidewalks, stoops, and thrift stores, the authors repurpose materials to create projects that range from the functional to the fun and frivolous. Clay Incense Burners, Upcycled Punch Rugs and Sewn Cardboard Toys are just a few of the over 100 projects included in this book, intended to bring a sense of playfulness and flair to the quotidian. Step-by-step guides make it simple to start and finish each project, while the book’s stunning photographs show how each craft can fit within organized, thoughtfully curated home.
As Making Things demonstrates, relying on a limited range of supplies and repurposing the same materials can spur our creativity, encouraging us to look at a pile of junk on a stoop and see endless possibility.

Requiring little to no skill, and no special equipment, Making Things is the crafting book for all skill levels.

Format: Hardcover

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